A Maine Park:Real Facts Real Fears


Proponents of a second National Park in Maine have claimed that it is just ~ 70,000 acres on the table, and nothing more.  It’s not going to grow to the 3.2 million acre leviathan that no one in Maine wants, and it’s spreading misinformation and feeding fears to say otherwise.

Ok, so here’s a question for you –How many National Parks have stayed at the same size since inception?

Lets look at some facts;

Acadia National Park is getting ready for a new 56 acre expansion.  source.

Everglades National Park is expanding by 109,000 acres, and has grown a massive 1 million acres since inception.  source.

Olympic National Park is proposing a 240 acre expansion. source.

Petrified Forest National Park just purchased 26,000 acres, which is 1/3 of its expansion goal. source

The US senate approved 1.32 million to expand Congaree National Park. source

North Cascades National Park could expand 237,000 acres. source

An initiative is underway to expand and re-designate the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area as a National Park and Preserve. source

Do you see a pattern?  How many National Parks stay the same size after inception?  Probably none of them.

Real Facts – Real Fears.

And if you are thinking that the proposed Park won’t grow past the 70,000 acres on the table – you had better think again – its just the “seed”.

Think before you decide to give Maine’s land and traditions away – there are viable alternatives to a National Park that can make everyone happy.

No Park for ME


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  1. Kimberly Marston says:

    Great Job! Keep up the good work!

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