Evolution of a Farce

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70,000 or 3.2 Million acres?

Evolution of a Farce

Change of Tactics does not mean a change in Agenda


1.   Maine Woods Vision Fall 2000-RESTORES Newsletter – First Lands Purchased for the Future Maine Woods National Park!!!  As you can see from the accompanying memo, a dedicated friend of our national park campaign, Roxanne Quimby, has purchased nearly 8,200 acres and intends for them to become cornerstones of the future Maine Woods National Park and Preserve!

2.   Maine Woods Vision Fall 2000-RESTORES Newsletter- Roxanne understands that no single person is going to create the 3.2-million-acre Maine Woods National Park. But together, through an effective private-public partnership, we can do it.


4.   BANGOR DAILY NEWS  July 10 2001- ‘ The land she has bought so far generally will be left alone so it can recover from heavy logging, she said. In the future, campgrounds and visitor centers could be built on some parcels. She hopes ultimately to donate the land she buys to the federal government for inclusion in the proposed national park.

5.   BANGOR DAILY NEWS  July 10 2001   ‘Quimby, 50, is a member of RESTORE’s board of directors. Like a modern-day Percival Baxter, she hopes to nudge the park from dream to reality by buying up the land herself.

6.  BANGOR DAILY NEWS  July 10 2001  In fact, she said, ‘very few people derive a living from the woods. She says most people do as she did before she became a wealthy businesswoman: They cut some wood, farm some vegetables, make some crafts to sell at fairs’.

7.   Christian Science Monitor 9/20/2001-But the park became her real dream. She joined Restore’s board last year and is now buying up land within the bounds of the proposed park.

8.  Patagaonia Enviromentalism: December 2002-But while public support is slowly building, RESTORE: The North Woods has helped jumpstart the process by finding private buyers for a few key tracts. Roxanne Quimby, owner of Burt’s Bee’s lip balm, has been purchasing thousands of acres with the park in mind.

9.  AMERICANS FOR A MAINE WOODS NATIONAL PARK AND PRESERVE ANNOUNCED 2003- Formation of a new group of national leaders called “Americans for a Maine Woods National Park” has been announced by its Co-Chairs Will LaPage and Roxanne Quimby. To date, 110 distinguished Americans from many walks of life have joined this national advisory committee in order to promote the proposed 3.2 Million acre Maine Woods National Park and Preserve

10.  RESTORE Press Release May 5 2003,  Roxanne Quimby-This is all part of the natural process as people voice their ideas and weigh what such a Park could mean to them. This Park will take years to put together, in phases.

11.  Maine Enviormental News 11/24/2003. ‘Her goal is to buy as much forestland as possible, help it become truly wild and donate the land for a national park. The environmental organization RESTORE: The North Woods is working to establish a 3.2 million-acre national park and preserve around “forever wild” Baxter State Park. Quimby has been a public advocate of RESTORE’s effort’.

12. Portland Press Herald—12/07/03— Quimby was outlining her plan to buy as much land as possible in northern Maine and create a national park.

13.  National Geographic News Feb. 2004- Americans for a Maine Woods National Park, an interest group that was founded by RESTORE: The North Woods, a conservation organization that’s spearheading a protection plan for an enormous swath of woodlands in the U.S. East. The proposed national park would encompass 3.2 million acres (1.3 million hectares), an area larger than Yellowstone and Yosemite combined.

14.   Northern Sky News June 2004- She recently left the board of RESTORE, and is now active with a group called Americans for a Maine Woods National Park. The group is actively working to get more people outside northern Maine interested in the park proposal.

15.   RESTORE Website 2004 to current-The “Americans” group has its own identity and leadership, while being associated with and staffed by RESTORE. Formation of the committee has been coordinated by RESTORE.

16.  Northern Sky News June 2004-“We have attempted to take the question out of Maine, certainly out of northern Maine, where there is an enormous backlash but very few people,” says Quimby. “This is a national park, it should be on the national agenda. … So our strategy is to take it out of Piscataquis and Penobscot counties where it will simply bubble away and nothing will ever happen.”

17.  2005 Today show in interview with Bob Dotson:  BD- She is looking to buy some of the most remote lands in America. How much of your personal fortune are you willing to spend?- RQ every penny of it. BD- All of it? RQ Certainly

18.  2005 Today show in interview with Bob Dotson:  She and some of her friends are quietly bargaining for 3 million acres around Baxter State Park to donate as a new National Park. She continues to put her money where her dreams are and is searching for more..

19.   National Park Conservation Association Magazine Fall  2005- ‘One solution is an ambitious scheme to turn a sizeable portion (Northern Maine)into a national park. The proposed 3.2-million-acre Maine Woods National Park and Preserve would secure an area larger than Yellowstone and Yosemite combined’.   ‘Quimby hopes to donate the 50,000 acres of contiguous land she now owns to the National Park Service as part of the 3.2-million-acre planned park.

20.  National Park Conservation Association Magazine Fall  2005-  RQ referring to gateway communities-“It’s a collection of artists, galleries, retirees, investment banks, hospitals, and lawyers—an eclectic community where people want to live because the natural beauty is protected. Nobody’s flipping burgers—and if they are, it’s the same people that would be flipping them anywhere else.”

21.  The Maine Woods— Forest Ecology Network (FEN) Newsletter Winter 2006- Ken Spaulding Executive Director of RESTORE: Maine Woods Park Proposal at-a-Glance—Create, over time, a 3.2 million-acre national park and preserve in the Moosehead-Katahdin region of northern Maine

22.  NY Times Nov 7 2006- She (RQ) prefers that her 75,000 acres become a base on which Restore’s 3.2-million acre park could be built.

23.  2008 National Parks Second Century Commission— Committee Reports: Future shape of the National Parks—There is strong regional and national interest in a Maine Woods National Park that has benefited from substantial private initiative to support conservation.

a.   Michael Kellet, Executive Director of RESTORE sat on this committee.

b.   The substantial private initiative that is referred to is Roxanne Quimby’s land purchases.

c.   The committee recommended adding the Maine Woods to the National Park system

24.   YANKEE MAGZINE 2008  ‘At the time, Roxanne was on the board of RESTORE: “People up there hate RESTORE, so I put some distance between us at that point. I didn’t need that.”

*  As of May 2012 Roxanne Quimby is still listed on the Restore website as calling for a 3.2 million acre park.

25.  The Quimby Family Foundation lists RESTORE as one of the beneficiaries of its grants for 2010 and 2011

26.   The Quimby Family Foundation lists the Forest Ecology Network as a grantee for 2005, 2006 and 2008. The Executive director of FEN is Jonathon Carter. Jonathon is one of the proponents of the Northern Forest Land Study proposal from the 1980’s which advocated for a park stretching from Maine to the Adirondacks’.

27.   The Maine Woods- FEN Newsletter-Jonathon Carter Has this to say: the fight to restore wilderness in Maine has only just begun … Conservation easements or small parcel protection are not acceptable…..Full fee acquisition is the only way to completely protect the forests for the future.

28.    Forest Ecology Network website states- FEN, in concert with other environmental groups, is also campaigning for the creation of a Maine Woods National Park. (That link goes to RESTORE).

29.   YANKEE MAGZINE 2008   ‘There is nothing more real than real estate, and Roxanne has repeatedly said she would like to see the lands she has acquired become the seeds of a new national park. What she owns now would be a very credible beginning’

30.   Maine Watch 2009 with Jennifer Rooks— Jym St. Pierre: the 3.2 Million Acre Park can start out as something smaller. Roxanne Quimby has been acquiring land up around Baxter State Park area and she has said that she is interested in donating that land to become the seed for the National Park.

31.   Maine Magazine profile of Roxanne Quimby June 2010-Since 2001, Quimby’s nonprofit, Elliotsville Plantation, has purchased over 120,000 acres of undeveloped land in northern Maine toward what she hopes will be the Maine Woods National Park.

32.   June 2010- A meeting with Rep. Chellie Pingree to discuss legislation for a National Park feasibility study regarding Roxanne’s donation of land for the Maine Woods National Park is organized by ……….…Drum roll……………(you know the answer don’t you)………….. !!RESTORE!!

33.   RESTORE NEWSLETTER September 2010   ‘MAINE WOODS NATIONAL PARK CAMPAIGN MOVES FORWARD’   – Philanthropist Roxanne Quimby has acquired another 29,500 acres increasing her conservation lands within the proposed Maine Woods National Park to 120,000 acres.

34.   RESTORES WEBSITE May 2012  “American people love their national parks.” Ms. Quimby hopes Mr. Spalding and Restore’s [Maine] director, Mr. St. Pierre, are right. The idea of a park, she said, “floats my boat.” She prefers that her 75,000 acres become a base on which Restore’s 3.2-million acre park could be built.

35.  SUN JOURNAL MAY 2011-  Nearly 20 years ago, after Restore: The North Woods unveiled its plan for a 3.2-million-acre Maine Woods National Park, Roxanne Quimby became an immediate fan.

36.  SUN JOURNAL MAY 2011  – I still love the vision of a 3.2-million-acre national park in Maine,” said Quimby, “but I know it’s not going to happen in my lifetime. This is what I can do now.   (Remember the 2003 comment-This Park will take years to put together, in phases)

37.   On a May 5, 2011 in a public meeting for the Millinocket area residents at the Timber Cruiser Hall George Smith and Roxanne Quimby spent two hours assuring everyone that it is just a 70,000 acre park. Roxanne had the event videotaped by the Maine Woods National Park Campaign   which produced the following video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rQni5JXWjg. The Maine Woods National Park Campaign is a group calling for the 3.2 Million acre park. The end of the video lists the Campaigns:

a.     Executive Director – Michael Kellett,

b.     Maine Director Jim St. Pierre

c.      Maine Woods Project Director Ken Spaulding

*Coincidentally they have the same jobs and titles with RESTORE.

38.  Maine Public Radio 9/21/11  -“I (RQ)feel best about limiting the conversation to land that I own so that’s why I’m talking about 70,000 acres and not 3.2 million but theoretically the sky’s the limit!”

39.  KEEP MAINE BEAUTIFUL WEBSITE (RQ’S WEBSITE AUGUST  2011) – EPI’s ongoing land acquisition efforts, communication with local recreational users to identify their needs, and collaboration with the National Park Service has led Roxanne and her foundation to conclude that federal protection is the best management option for EPI’s lands and the public.

40.   Friends of Baxter newsletter Fall 2011 Vol. 10 #4:   The total land area Quimby hopes to convey is approximately 140,000 acres.

41.  The National Park Conservation Association website has a page highlighting Roxanne Quimby’s work. It states that the proposal is for 3.2 million acres.

42.   Until the fall of 2011 EPI’s website maintained a link to RESTORES website. This was removed after park critics pointed it out.

43.   National Parks Traveler magazine also says that the proposal calls for a park of 3.2 million acres created in time for the National Park Service’s centennial in 2016.

44.   Maine Woods National park website calls for a 3.2 million acre park  http://www.mainewoodsnationalpark.com/the-park.html

45.  Maine Woods National Park and Preserve website     www.mainewoods.org     lists Roxanne Quimby as the Co chair. It states that the proposed park is 3.2 Million acres. Its map is the same as RESTORES map for the park.

46.   National Parks Examiner    March 29 2012   In all, RESTORE hopes to protect 3.2 million acres of woodland as a Maine Woods National Park and Preserve. “Our goal is to have Roxanne’s land protected by the National Park Service centennial in 2016,” said Kellett. “This would be the largest single national park land donation in United States history. Once that park is created, we think the people of Maine will realize what a benefit it is, and want to expand it.”

47.   The ‘Friends of the Maine Woods’  is a lobbying group founded in August of 2011 by Cynthia Dill to advocate for Roxanne’s gift. Dill created the group after receiving a $12,000 (August 2, 2011) donation from Roxanne Quimby to her PAC. She then funneled $5,000 of that donation into the new lobbying group.

48.   Forecaster Southern Edition Dec 1 2011- ‘Dill did not hear about the national park issue until a Senate vote to oppose the park in June’. (June 2011)


49.  Directors Cut by Regis Tremblay  8/22/11-Senator Cynthia Dill has become an outspoken supporter of a new national park in the State of Maine.

*in two months she went from never hearing about it to an outspoken supporter, can anyone name 12,000 reasons why this took place?

50.    Sun Journal 10/23/11 Interview with Cynthia Dill-She also believes any great emphasis placed on the will of the people of Millinocket and East Millinocket is misguided. This park won’t be in East Millinocket or Millinocket. It will be 40 to 60 miles up the road. Chances are access to the park won’t go through East Millinocket or Millinocket,” Dill said. (75% of the proposed park is within 20 miles of Millinocket)

*(RQ’s official proposal list Millinocket and East Millinocket under ‘Regional and Park Access”)

51.    Forecaster Southern Edition  Jan 5 2012 article about Cynthia Dill- “Last year, she founded “Friends of the Maine Woods” to support a proposed national park on land in Aroostook County owned by Burt’s Bees founder Roxanne Quimby.” (now the 40 to 60 miles up the road makes sense)

52.    The ‘ Friends of the Maine Woods’ Facebook page  as of 04-18-12 contains a posting stating ‘Roxanne Quimby has graciously and generously offered 70,000 acres of her own land for the establishment of the Maine Woods National Park. This gift is a start to what can be an even greater gift.’

53.   The ‘Friends of the Maine Woods’ Facebook page as of 04/30/12 Contains the following link  http://www.mainewoodsnationalpark.com/   . This website calls for a 3.2 Million acre park.

54.   The ‘Friends of the Maine Woods Website- ‘Fact vs Fear’ section states that they do not support the 3.2 Million acre park. The next paragraph then uses economic impact numbers taken from a study done for RESTORE on the 3.2 Million acre park.

55.    The ‘Friends of the Maine Woods Website- Fact vs Fear section contains the following passage and link “Meanwhile, a 2001 study by an independent University of Montana economist say”’.  That link goes to Mainewoods.org a RESTORE website advocating for the 3.2 Million acre park.

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